“Treat Yo’ Self”

Rule: Get everything done in the morning and set an hour-two hours aside. During that set aside time do whatever you’re in the mood for. Don’t just listen to me, we all have our own guilty pleasures but the following are some suggestions!

[ Side Tip: Make yourself a stress care box! Mine has a mini candle or incense, candy, tea, a face mask, and a bath bomb ] It’s a place you can always go when you need an emergency self-love and self-care devoted night. Always love yourself and give yourself the attention you need and you deserve.

  • Journal

Journaling makes me happy, especially when it includes list-making. Make lists about the way you feel, make lists about what you want, make lists about your goals, make lists about what makes you happy and what you are grateful for. Make all the lists you want and get your thoughts out of your head onto paper.

Journaling ideas:



  • Take a bath

I use candles and bath salts or bath bombs. I listen to music or watch a relaxing show. I reflect and I appreciate that time. Pour yourself a glass of wine or ice cold water. Make the bath your happy place for the time-being. 

You can get candles from Target, Anthropology, and Bath and Body Works. You can get bath salts and bombs and bubbles from Target, Lush, and Bath and Body Works. 


  • Take yourself on a date

Whether it’s a date in where you have food delivered or cook your favorite meal or you go out, dates can make us all feel special and are so important. Even if you’re single, which I am currently and can relate, allow yourself that time to be the most special person in the room, even if you’re the only one there…

  • Read a book or magazine/Listen to an audiobook or podcast

Whether it’s a self-help love or a thriller or the Bible, we all could benefit from reading or listening to information outside of the racing thoughts our minds struggle with day-in and day-out. There are podcasts for everything and magazines for all types of people. My current personal favorite podcasts Death, Sex, and Money and Happier but these often change. My favorite books are currently by Liane Moriarty and my favorite magazines are Elle, Vogue, and Cosmopolitan. Reading my favorite bible verses always cheers me up as well!

  • Meditate or do yoga

There is guided meditations’ as well as guided yoga practices. If you’re like me and go to yoga often enough, you can diffuse some essential oils, roll out your mat, and do all your favorite poses. Otherwise, a video could be helpful and effective to get the most out of this time you’ve set aside for yourself.

  • Go for a walk

Sometimes one of our most innate abilities to walk is all we need to destress. Your body and mind will both thank you. Take a short walk; go a route you know or be adventurous and take every left or right turn you’ve always avoided. Take your dog, go with a friend, or spend this time alone.


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